How do we select a Divorce Mediator?

Choose a mediator as you would choose a heart surgeon! First, make sure the mediator you are considering is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, as Mr. Leininger is. (Florida Mediator # 28593F) But that is only the beginning. There are many mediators in Florida who are NOT certified as a Family Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court, yet they advertise themselves as a “Divorce mediator”! Get references from reliable professionals. Ask the prospective mediator how many cases he/she has mediated to a conclusion.

Divorce mediators across the country include disbarred attorneys, social workers with absolutely no legal training and persons who are just beginning their careers in Divorce Mediation. Some of these folks have only conducted four or five mediations in their entire career and do Divorce Mediation as a part-time sideline! Do not let them learn at your expense! There is some opinion within the field that a mediator does not become masterful until completion of at least 100 cases. Choose carefully – don't be afraid to ask the prospective mediator how many divorce mediations he/she has conducted to completion. We believe that you should select a Divorce Mediator who is certified as a Supreme Court Family Mediator, has mediated at least 300 cases to completion and who has practiced Family Law for at least 10 years.

Mr. Leininger has been mediating divorces since 1994, and has practiced Family Law for 41 years. He has lectured about Divorce Mediation for 26 years. Mr. Leininger has appeared on national radio and TV shows, including the CBS Morning Show on the CBS network, the Today Show on the NBC network, the Phil Donohue Show, Sallie Jessie Raphael Show, etc. He has mediated well over 850 divorce cases to a completion. Many of his mediation cases involved millions of dollars of assets, including professional practices, businesses, and Civil Service pensions.

If Divorce Mediation sounds like a better alternative than expensive and emotionally damaging litigation in court, why not call our office at (941) 727-5555 and schedule an Free initial videoconference consultation with you and your spouse which will last approximately 30 minutes at which Mr. Leininger will answer all your questions.  What have you to lose?